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Price: $219.99
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Model: browncoat1
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This costume is based on Captain Mal Reynolds' Browncoat in Firefly.

Reminder: Unless stated in the description, these costumes are not pre-made. Each costume is custom-made to fit you. Remember to try to place your order at least 2 months before the date you need to wear it. This costume can take up to 4-5 weeks  to complete. These costumes are not manufactured by Firefly/ Serenity nor am I associated with the Firefly/ Serenity franchise in any way.

The Browncoat is made with faux suede. The cuffs are made matte vinyl. The claps are made with aluminum and aren't the best reproduction but gives you a complete look. There are slits on the side of the coat so that you'll have easy access to your pockets... or your gun.

Add pants for $50 using the options above. The pants are made out of a khaki suiting and have an elastic waist with no zipper. Because not having a zipper in your pants can be problematic, the best bet will to find a pair of khaki pants from a store and and a brown strip down the side. If you send me your pre-made pants, I will put a brown strip down the side for you and return them with your Browncoat order.

For XXL and XXXL sizes, use the options above. It will add $10 to the price only because it adds an extra yard of fabric. I apologize for this but it can't be made without the extra fabric.

Browncoat sizing:

Small = Bust 31-32, Waist 24-25, Hip 33-34
Medium = Bust 34-36, Waist 26-28, Hip 36-38
Large = Bust 38-40, Waist 30-32, Hip 40-42
Large = Bust 42-44, Waist 34-38, Hip 44-48
XLarge = Bust 46-49, Waist 40- 45, Hip 50- 54
XXL and XXXL= please email for info.
Do the best that you can with the sizing. If we are on the fence about what size you need I will send you Test Browncoats to try on.


Be sure to send me a Sizing Form after you've completed your transaction.


By purchasing from Space City Costumes, you agree to the Term & Conditions. If you have any questions or special requests, there is a comments section upon checkout.You'll love your costume and thank you for shopping at Space City Costumes!